What Now (prod. logun)

from by Sanity



it go even though the darkness is so overwhelmin'
I snap out of it stay on my toes and move quick
never let it get me though it knows my movements
use to be naive now I'm slow maturin'
I coulda been weak let it lure in
ventin' to invent a way out this glitch
it's like we're stuck in era of errors we'll perish
why you gotta act so careless?
before my last breathe hope you hear this
if you ain't with the cause then you interferin'
if my spirit don't feel it then it got no meanin'
for the ones still seekin' the pieces of completion
know your journey is a river if you let it flow
some say no do what your told and become a drone
but Ima carve all my beliefs and set in stone
cut my arms off still I ain't lettin' go

(am I really to late?) x 2
have we sealed our fate
(where do we go from here?) x 2
(am I really to late?) x 2
have we sealed our fate
where do we go from here?

Verse 2:
(is this how far we've come) x 2
have we really made progress?
or we back to where we began?
fightin' for causes that don't make no sense
discriminate and judge by the shade of the skin
hate is a leech growin' without no end
spreadin' like toxic from burnt cigarettes
no jokes I'm meanin' this!
the heath ledger in me like why I'm so serious?
probably cause I thrive to the best of my ability
applyin' myself don't got time to make enemy
rather make connections that will last for century
all I need from you is too make sure you remember me
why might cross paths never know where we're headin
these gifts that we have never know what we're gettin'
till the sun settin' Ima set myself out of failure
these wings need to spread I know you tired of the cages
keepin' my pace up cause this life I can't waste it
only thing I'm chasin' are these shadows that I'm makin'
street lights flickerin'
legs start jitterin'
might break this pen with the aura that I'm givin' it
so strong what your witnessin'
promise I can't break is for me to start pretendin'



from Tryna Be Heard, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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