Strollin' (prod. Sanity)

from by Sanity



Verse 1:
the strain is all that I see, ridin' down slauson my windshields wiped
he only got paid 5 cents so I wrote this in his honor as I'm lightin' up some incense
can't dismay reality, if you lookin' for a high that will blow you away
go outside and see what's above you
the universe is here and is always down to trust you
whether you a sinner or a demon
a god, a joke or whatever's in between em'
let the world ease in don't lose sight of your importance
can't lose time I could barely afford it
so I'm rushin' for a moment of clarity
yet patience is key so the future ain't scaring me
I let go of everything just to say I've had enough
like crumbs to the birds I'm satisfied with what I have
pourin' my heart out this what I earned
ain't about what's the worst, it's how you endured and learned
remember their's a light at the end of the tunnel
thought the fight was over till I crawled out of the rubble
never underestimate the strength of the subtle
only amongst a couple cause legends ain't got no double so
whenever I feel like I won't amount
I take a walk down memory lane to find a route

I'm (strollin') x 4
and I'm (holdin') x3 on what I got
and if they take my peace I swear I'll lose it
can't lose my temper as I'm walkin' down the avenue

Verse 2:
twisted, knotted, glued to my conscious
how much can I sustain? writin' so I sane
breakin', shatterin', must be unravelin'
hangin' on a lil' hope, hopefully I don't choke
murder she wrote with a devilish grin
praying for my downfall but not today!
I'm awake with a vision, I can't miss it
they want my ambition but it's not for sale
never takin' L's thru this I will prevail
yes I'm a champion but still payin' bus fares
I don't care, I let it flow in the breeze
whether a peasant or king you should know what this means
a strife of such importance, don't take it lightly
the way I lay hooks, you would think I'm fightin' so
call this a sting of a cobra
the war is never over, said the war is never over


It's just me and you, walkin' down the park
I have a lot, to let go, a lot to say to you that I can think of
but I think I've said enough
just chill out with me
we good...
for the one's still searchin' this the one....


from Tryna Be Heard, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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