Ohm (prod. Visual)

from by Sanity



on the interstate, playin' that jazz
don't mash on the gas
we tryna do better than the last
so please don't underestimate us
this is my ultimatum

Verse 1:
ayo! follow my lead (breathe in) refreshin' ventilation
don't knock this innovation, mind's racin' just a taste of
what's more to come, I'm never done even on my own
boundless, infinite, aristotle my soul will live on
now can you hear me thru this microphone, check check!
I'll get to everyone of ya, so who the hell is up next?
I keep it personal ride with ya thru the thick and thin
reminisce, close your eyes, overlook what you be dealin' with
take the initiative, life may sway, move, slide and shift
adjust it to your own direction more than perfection than lessons not learned
it's still a blur I barely got back on my feet
and all this propaganda's affectin' the way I sleep so
I imagine livin' in a forest
nobody can hassle me on what I ain't affordin'
the money I ain't foldin'
the whips, glamour and fortune
you won't find me as the prey being eaten by the vultures never!


Verse 2:
it go my only way out or my only way in
I'm fightin' this battle not knowin' who I'm up against
that's why I stay ready from my stance to the chest
don't let em' see em' fear I look em' right in the eyes
givin' us that give up mentality straight to our demise
I pass this to the children never die I revive
curiosity is beast I gotta tame it somehow
leavin' us unbalanced with no answers don't wanna hear us out
another face in the crowd, another spec in the dirt
like the ant's that dodge our footsteps I'm just tryna be heard
(What he say?)
king kong roarin' till I get what I deserve
hear the thunder in the clouds I'm surfin' thru with such wonder
I bring color to the black and white to mix combine and multiply
unity to harmonize, stop the real opposition
lookin' at what's yours and mine and findin' out were not that different
cause whoever you are you could be brilliant!


from Tryna Be Heard, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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