Hypnotized (prod. DJ OB1)

from by Sanity



(It's in my blood, it's in my veins) x3
pump pumpin' movin' gears, no time for, breaks!
yeah I might be a lil' crazy
but my heart gets racin' the moment this starts playin'
so go ahead sing along
give me a chance it won't take to long I got yall' what!

Verse 1:
wakin' up grab my notebook and start a journey
in a trance when I let go of these thoughts and worries
hip hop don't judge me, I be under her wing
flew from the nest and now I'm ready for what time will bring
who is this? let me reminiscence
I got a lil' story to tell it go like this
never had a feelin' so sweet like marmalade
got me singin' in the rain and that's not even the half of it
in middle school, I use to get my ass kicked
laugh about now cause I knew I had a passion
transformed anger into somethin' that matters
this shit breathes life! only mothers understand it
and for the rappers that do this for the glamour
ya better know not to sell ya soul to the contract
once ya fall in there's no turnin' back
hopefully this gives ya the meanin' of rap


Verse 2:
better set your own will, I just did a murder
for every MC fakin' your efforts are worthless
caught ya off guard with the flow positions
makin' my compositions, so exquisite
on a mission for better livin' but I'm grateful for my intuition
sure diamonds glisten but your under a spell nobody's lifted
watch your limit and stop the bullshittin'
rather cop a new watch then make a damn difference?
such simple intentions what a waste of space
don't you realize you hypnotized those who relate
so what you say could make em' dumb or make em' great
that's a lot on the shoulders brotha, take a pace!
you control a young one's aspect of chasin' a dream
why in the hell should you listen to me?
I look into they eyes see creativity
they control the fate of you and me so

(we gotta do it for the youth!) x11



from Tryna Be Heard, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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