Cause & Effect (prod. West Ghost)

from by Sanity



if you were here what would you say?
I think about it almost everyday
still your advice runs thru my brain
appreciate every single thing
first time at a funeral I didn't know what death was
but it was special learned to make the best of
but you could never win with the grim reaper
he's one step ahead but you, you were different
knew what was comin' but you didn't say nothin'
smiled and toughened up from every moment of sufferin'
so I followed all your footsteps, it just made sense
somehow somewhere I figured out what I was ment for
do it for the poor out in kerala, sleepin' in the corners
police don't give a shit about the unfortunate
keep my mouth shut cause ain't no one tryna hear me whine
I can't show signs of weakness, in a room full of non believers
wastin' a dream, dyin' inside
probably why we don't see eye to eye
takin' a walkin on a warm summer night
can't rush greatness I gotta think twice
these evenings even me out
the end's inevitable but that doesn't mean Ima leave right now
too much weight on my shoulders
the warmest nights turn colder
so much disorder but I gotta keep my composure
what you get from this when I'm over
better stick to you when your older
wisdom's all I know of
so I spit on the track till my lungs out
this right here my solace, the only way I stay focused
the reason nothin' is hopeless, I gotta get mine Ima own it
break free from mind controllin', Ima cut the strings I'm not a puppet
so when the curtains come up it'll be my introduction


from Tryna Be Heard, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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