Can't Deny It (prod. logun)

from by Sanity



Hook x 2:
you want my
and you can't deny it
this for my lunatics and losers in here
you know it's true but you try to hide it
it go say what you wanna make it loud and clear

Verse 1:
whatever happen to the women with some morals?
shame treatin' makin' love like it's about to spoil
I ain't lookin' for that category
need a queen before we ever do a matrimony
aspirin' to be a king it ain't an allegory
how could I hide a shine that's brighter than the constellations?
all it takes is patience with everythin' you do
TNT, wylie coyote as he lights the fuse
it's easier said then done but if I plunge into the grunge
another man's trash could be treasure
I'm too ill havin' convos with my inner creature
why judge me? you just as crazy it's no secret
only carin' about your looks I'm thinkin' you some fuckin' divas
we headin' to extinction, humans the next attraction
mike the headless chicken, oh! what a world we live in
did I mention we the biggest puzzle piece the world is missin'?

Hook x2

Verse 2:
slicin' thru the morning fog, cruzin' to this ambiance
can't deny the smooth sounds of logun and what I be on
use to be an empty cause, YUP!
thought I wouldn't go nowhere like religion versus science
thought I'd be left in the dust, frustration built up to the bust
said enough isn't enough, now look how far that we've come
first rapper in my family tree, only ones that made some music was my momma and me, gotta keep this legacy
let me slow it up, never mind
this what heaven like?
cause if it is I found the secret to life
creativity, that's our birthright
if you don't like then that don't add right
one plus one don't equal twelve
if you had a second thought man I wish you well
with all that hate I wish you hell
awh here it goes! kenan and kel
if shits too real just leave the room
almost broke a sweat to break the news
better get in tune and let me thru before we're thru
the revolution ain't televised, it's up in this booth

Hook x2


from Tryna Be Heard, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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