All We Need (prod. logun)

from by Sanity



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Take One!

Hook x 2:
forget about
everything you want
everything you need
everything you got
everything you'll get
(cause) x2
I got the word you be (looking for) x2
I got the word you be looking for

(let me take you back)

It was back in 8th grade, use to nod to the birds chippin'
now I conjure up these melodies just to scratch the surface
their's way more to it, heed the perception to flourish
I can show you the way so you can go on with endurance
I noticed, anything can inspire
from the fire in your eyes
somethin' tellin' you not to stop this
can't fight the urge, this rap is so addictive might OD into a hearse
a gift and a curse but it's worth every moment!

Take Two!

Movin' forward as a poet, makin' soil for these roses
I will bloom with no thorns so jam with me if you feel this!
uh! and go find out if you don't!
rather be broke than a million dolla hoax
I know, times are rough so we get a lil' rougher
the struggle continues so we bump a lil' rasta
burn some nag champa trinity with the hemp wick
call me Hanuman this will, will deliver ends
meet and that's supply and demand
before we dumbin' to the core can't even think for ourselves
10 years later got us trapped to command
instead I mind my own business and continue my search for
the frequency that can bring our long lost groove that we had
like these vibrations that hit your ear I cannot help to express
not to impress, I make joints that satisfy for years
in a fog of clones hopin' I don't disappear

Hook x 2

Uh uh, I said I got the flow you be lookin' for
I got the sound you be lookin' for
come bounce with me, (back and forth) x2
MC's betta stand their ground we're (lookin' for) x 2


from Tryna Be Heard, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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