Tryna Be Heard

by Sanity

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watch the music video for "All We Need" here:

the small whisper in your mind telling you, "keep going, you are on the right path".

Front and Back Artwork created by Sun Moon of Eyeless Collective:

Word to all the producers of this project:

logun: @leeroysack



Visual: /

West Ghost:


released December 2, 2016

1 - All We Need; produced by logun; recorded, mixed and mastered by logun; movie scene excerpt from Little Miss Sunshine.

2 - Strollin'; produced by Sanity; recorded, mixed and mastered by Sanity; movie scene excerpt from The Jungle Book.

3 - Hypnotized; produced by DJ OB1; recorded, mixed and mastered by Sanity; TV show scene excerpt from SpongeBob SquarePants.

4 - Can't Deny It; produced by logun; recorded, mixed and mastered by Sanity.

5 - For Stress (Interlude); conducted by Coherent; recorded, mixed and mastered by Sanity; TV show excerpt from Hey Arnold!

6 - Ohm; produced by Visual; recorded, mixed and mastered by logun; movie scene excerpt from Whiplash.

7 - What Now; produced by logun; recorded, mixed and mastered by logun; movie scene excerpt from The Land Before Time.

8 - Cause & Effect; produced by West Ghost; recorded, mixed and mastered by Sanity.



all rights reserved


Sanity California

messenger of word, solidifying the essence of soul thru speech.

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Track Name: All We Need (prod. logun)
Take One!

Hook x 2:
forget about
everything you want
everything you need
everything you got
everything you'll get
(cause) x2
I got the word you be (looking for) x2
I got the word you be looking for

(let me take you back)

It was back in 8th grade, use to nod to the birds chippin'
now I conjure up these melodies just to scratch the surface
their's way more to it, heed the perception to flourish
I can show you the way so you can go on with endurance
I noticed, anything can inspire
from the fire in your eyes
somethin' tellin' you not to stop this
can't fight the urge, this rap is so addictive might OD into a hearse
a gift and a curse but it's worth every moment!

Take Two!

Movin' forward as a poet, makin' soil for these roses
I will bloom with no thorns so jam with me if you feel this!
uh! and go find out if you don't!
rather be broke than a million dolla hoax
I know, times are rough so we get a lil' rougher
the struggle continues so we bump a lil' rasta
burn some nag champa trinity with the hemp wick
call me Hanuman this will, will deliver ends
meet and that's supply and demand
before we dumbin' to the core can't even think for ourselves
10 years later got us trapped to command
instead I mind my own business and continue my search for
the frequency that can bring our long lost groove that we had
like these vibrations that hit your ear I cannot help to express
not to impress, I make joints that satisfy for years
in a fog of clones hopin' I don't disappear

Hook x 2

Uh uh, I said I got the flow you be lookin' for
I got the sound you be lookin' for
come bounce with me, (back and forth) x2
MC's betta stand their ground we're (lookin' for) x 2
Track Name: Strollin' (prod. Sanity)
Verse 1:
the strain is all that I see, ridin' down slauson my windshields wiped
he only got paid 5 cents so I wrote this in his honor as I'm lightin' up some incense
can't dismay reality, if you lookin' for a high that will blow you away
go outside and see what's above you
the universe is here and is always down to trust you
whether you a sinner or a demon
a god, a joke or whatever's in between em'
let the world ease in don't lose sight of your importance
can't lose time I could barely afford it
so I'm rushin' for a moment of clarity
yet patience is key so the future ain't scaring me
I let go of everything just to say I've had enough
like crumbs to the birds I'm satisfied with what I have
pourin' my heart out this what I earned
ain't about what's the worst, it's how you endured and learned
remember their's a light at the end of the tunnel
thought the fight was over till I crawled out of the rubble
never underestimate the strength of the subtle
only amongst a couple cause legends ain't got no double so
whenever I feel like I won't amount
I take a walk down memory lane to find a route

I'm (strollin') x 4
and I'm (holdin') x3 on what I got
and if they take my peace I swear I'll lose it
can't lose my temper as I'm walkin' down the avenue

Verse 2:
twisted, knotted, glued to my conscious
how much can I sustain? writin' so I sane
breakin', shatterin', must be unravelin'
hangin' on a lil' hope, hopefully I don't choke
murder she wrote with a devilish grin
praying for my downfall but not today!
I'm awake with a vision, I can't miss it
they want my ambition but it's not for sale
never takin' L's thru this I will prevail
yes I'm a champion but still payin' bus fares
I don't care, I let it flow in the breeze
whether a peasant or king you should know what this means
a strife of such importance, don't take it lightly
the way I lay hooks, you would think I'm fightin' so
call this a sting of a cobra
the war is never over, said the war is never over


It's just me and you, walkin' down the park
I have a lot, to let go, a lot to say to you that I can think of
but I think I've said enough
just chill out with me
we good...
for the one's still searchin' this the one....
Track Name: Hypnotized (prod. DJ OB1)
(It's in my blood, it's in my veins) x3
pump pumpin' movin' gears, no time for, breaks!
yeah I might be a lil' crazy
but my heart gets racin' the moment this starts playin'
so go ahead sing along
give me a chance it won't take to long I got yall' what!

Verse 1:
wakin' up grab my notebook and start a journey
in a trance when I let go of these thoughts and worries
hip hop don't judge me, I be under her wing
flew from the nest and now I'm ready for what time will bring
who is this? let me reminiscence
I got a lil' story to tell it go like this
never had a feelin' so sweet like marmalade
got me singin' in the rain and that's not even the half of it
in middle school, I use to get my ass kicked
laugh about now cause I knew I had a passion
transformed anger into somethin' that matters
this shit breathes life! only mothers understand it
and for the rappers that do this for the glamour
ya better know not to sell ya soul to the contract
once ya fall in there's no turnin' back
hopefully this gives ya the meanin' of rap


Verse 2:
better set your own will, I just did a murder
for every MC fakin' your efforts are worthless
caught ya off guard with the flow positions
makin' my compositions, so exquisite
on a mission for better livin' but I'm grateful for my intuition
sure diamonds glisten but your under a spell nobody's lifted
watch your limit and stop the bullshittin'
rather cop a new watch then make a damn difference?
such simple intentions what a waste of space
don't you realize you hypnotized those who relate
so what you say could make em' dumb or make em' great
that's a lot on the shoulders brotha, take a pace!
you control a young one's aspect of chasin' a dream
why in the hell should you listen to me?
I look into they eyes see creativity
they control the fate of you and me so

(we gotta do it for the youth!) x11

Track Name: Can't Deny It (prod. logun)
Hook x 2:
you want my
and you can't deny it
this for my lunatics and losers in here
you know it's true but you try to hide it
it go say what you wanna make it loud and clear

Verse 1:
whatever happen to the women with some morals?
shame treatin' makin' love like it's about to spoil
I ain't lookin' for that category
need a queen before we ever do a matrimony
aspirin' to be a king it ain't an allegory
how could I hide a shine that's brighter than the constellations?
all it takes is patience with everythin' you do
TNT, wylie coyote as he lights the fuse
it's easier said then done but if I plunge into the grunge
another man's trash could be treasure
I'm too ill havin' convos with my inner creature
why judge me? you just as crazy it's no secret
only carin' about your looks I'm thinkin' you some fuckin' divas
we headin' to extinction, humans the next attraction
mike the headless chicken, oh! what a world we live in
did I mention we the biggest puzzle piece the world is missin'?

Hook x2

Verse 2:
slicin' thru the morning fog, cruzin' to this ambiance
can't deny the smooth sounds of logun and what I be on
use to be an empty cause, YUP!
thought I wouldn't go nowhere like religion versus science
thought I'd be left in the dust, frustration built up to the bust
said enough isn't enough, now look how far that we've come
first rapper in my family tree, only ones that made some music was my momma and me, gotta keep this legacy
let me slow it up, never mind
this what heaven like?
cause if it is I found the secret to life
creativity, that's our birthright
if you don't like then that don't add right
one plus one don't equal twelve
if you had a second thought man I wish you well
with all that hate I wish you hell
awh here it goes! kenan and kel
if shits too real just leave the room
almost broke a sweat to break the news
better get in tune and let me thru before we're thru
the revolution ain't televised, it's up in this booth

Hook x2
Track Name: Ohm (prod. Visual)
on the interstate, playin' that jazz
don't mash on the gas
we tryna do better than the last
so please don't underestimate us
this is my ultimatum

Verse 1:
ayo! follow my lead (breathe in) refreshin' ventilation
don't knock this innovation, mind's racin' just a taste of
what's more to come, I'm never done even on my own
boundless, infinite, aristotle my soul will live on
now can you hear me thru this microphone, check check!
I'll get to everyone of ya, so who the hell is up next?
I keep it personal ride with ya thru the thick and thin
reminisce, close your eyes, overlook what you be dealin' with
take the initiative, life may sway, move, slide and shift
adjust it to your own direction more than perfection than lessons not learned
it's still a blur I barely got back on my feet
and all this propaganda's affectin' the way I sleep so
I imagine livin' in a forest
nobody can hassle me on what I ain't affordin'
the money I ain't foldin'
the whips, glamour and fortune
you won't find me as the prey being eaten by the vultures never!


Verse 2:
it go my only way out or my only way in
I'm fightin' this battle not knowin' who I'm up against
that's why I stay ready from my stance to the chest
don't let em' see em' fear I look em' right in the eyes
givin' us that give up mentality straight to our demise
I pass this to the children never die I revive
curiosity is beast I gotta tame it somehow
leavin' us unbalanced with no answers don't wanna hear us out
another face in the crowd, another spec in the dirt
like the ant's that dodge our footsteps I'm just tryna be heard
(What he say?)
king kong roarin' till I get what I deserve
hear the thunder in the clouds I'm surfin' thru with such wonder
I bring color to the black and white to mix combine and multiply
unity to harmonize, stop the real opposition
lookin' at what's yours and mine and findin' out were not that different
cause whoever you are you could be brilliant!
Track Name: What Now (prod. logun)
it go even though the darkness is so overwhelmin'
I snap out of it stay on my toes and move quick
never let it get me though it knows my movements
use to be naive now I'm slow maturin'
I coulda been weak let it lure in
ventin' to invent a way out this glitch
it's like we're stuck in era of errors we'll perish
why you gotta act so careless?
before my last breathe hope you hear this
if you ain't with the cause then you interferin'
if my spirit don't feel it then it got no meanin'
for the ones still seekin' the pieces of completion
know your journey is a river if you let it flow
some say no do what your told and become a drone
but Ima carve all my beliefs and set in stone
cut my arms off still I ain't lettin' go

(am I really to late?) x 2
have we sealed our fate
(where do we go from here?) x 2
(am I really to late?) x 2
have we sealed our fate
where do we go from here?

Verse 2:
(is this how far we've come) x 2
have we really made progress?
or we back to where we began?
fightin' for causes that don't make no sense
discriminate and judge by the shade of the skin
hate is a leech growin' without no end
spreadin' like toxic from burnt cigarettes
no jokes I'm meanin' this!
the heath ledger in me like why I'm so serious?
probably cause I thrive to the best of my ability
applyin' myself don't got time to make enemy
rather make connections that will last for century
all I need from you is too make sure you remember me
why might cross paths never know where we're headin
these gifts that we have never know what we're gettin'
till the sun settin' Ima set myself out of failure
these wings need to spread I know you tired of the cages
keepin' my pace up cause this life I can't waste it
only thing I'm chasin' are these shadows that I'm makin'
street lights flickerin'
legs start jitterin'
might break this pen with the aura that I'm givin' it
so strong what your witnessin'
promise I can't break is for me to start pretendin'

Track Name: Cause & Effect (prod. West Ghost)
if you were here what would you say?
I think about it almost everyday
still your advice runs thru my brain
appreciate every single thing
first time at a funeral I didn't know what death was
but it was special learned to make the best of
but you could never win with the grim reaper
he's one step ahead but you, you were different
knew what was comin' but you didn't say nothin'
smiled and toughened up from every moment of sufferin'
so I followed all your footsteps, it just made sense
somehow somewhere I figured out what I was ment for
do it for the poor out in kerala, sleepin' in the corners
police don't give a shit about the unfortunate
keep my mouth shut cause ain't no one tryna hear me whine
I can't show signs of weakness, in a room full of non believers
wastin' a dream, dyin' inside
probably why we don't see eye to eye
takin' a walkin on a warm summer night
can't rush greatness I gotta think twice
these evenings even me out
the end's inevitable but that doesn't mean Ima leave right now
too much weight on my shoulders
the warmest nights turn colder
so much disorder but I gotta keep my composure
what you get from this when I'm over
better stick to you when your older
wisdom's all I know of
so I spit on the track till my lungs out
this right here my solace, the only way I stay focused
the reason nothin' is hopeless, I gotta get mine Ima own it
break free from mind controllin', Ima cut the strings I'm not a puppet
so when the curtains come up it'll be my introduction